Sunday, January 21, 2018

Gay Pride Shirts

Gay Pride Shirts for Everyday and For Weddings

Gay Pride Love Hoodie with Rainbow Hearts
Okay, first of all let's get this out of the way. In the early days of the Christian church there were ceremonies for Gay marriage. So, no, it's not a conflict for a Christian to accept Gay marriage and I don't understand why people get all upset about it. Love is love. 

Jesus never condemned Gay people, nor did He judge them or mention them at all. Christians claim to be about love and kindness. Jesus said to love everyone. I just don't get the hate leveled at Gays. 

So to show my support I make Gay support T Shirts, and Gay marriage shirts for the whole wedding party. Please don't send me any hate messages. That is not Christian! 

Gay Pride Wedding Shirts, 

Gay Pride Bachelor Party Shirts

More shirts are on the way! Officiants, Mother of the Bride and the Groom, etc. Come back soon! 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

College Humor Shirts for College Students and College Graduates

Got College Debts? 
starving college student hoodie

Got a college student at home? Got a college student with attitude? 

Get them a college humor t shirt! Or hoodie. This is my most popular college student design. 

When I was in college I used to send my parents letters with all the s's turned into dollar signs as a not so subtle hint. A t shirt or hoodie would be a bolder statement with the same message.  Mom and Dad were not very amused though, so fair warning on that. LOL 

Yoga Shirts and Fitness Shirts

Yoga and Fitness

Well it's 2018, time for the annual resolutions and getting on a diet routine after the gorging that went on during the Holiday madness. Hope you had fun during that time!

It would, of course, be better to eat healthy and exercise year round but let's be real, it probably won't happen during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just too many parties going on!

So if you overindulged, or just want to start a healthy routine this year, why not start it in a cool shirt? I made this one because I love Kombucha tea and it's awesome for you. 

Many people who do Yoga love Kombucha, but you don't have to love Yoga to love Kombucha. My little granddaughter loves the stuff and she is into soccer, not Yoga.

Anyway, here it is for you to wear for Yoga or just around the house. Namaste!

And here's one to wear to Yoga class or while you meditate!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Military Appreciation Hoodies

Hoodies To Show Your Love and Support and Pride

Hoodies for Military Families

Military families are special, they just are. They love America and are proud to serve. Show your love and pride in your military family members in these wonderful hoodies. Soft and warm! These all have the same message. Our family member is freedom's best friend! And they all wear dog tags! 

More Hoodies are here: Dog Tags Military Hoodies for Families

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Novelty Shirts and Funny Shirts

My First Sudoku Shirt

I love Sudoku as do many other people. I never fly without a book of Sudoku to work on. Keeps me distracted which is a good thing. And it's my secret fun hobby to do every day. Thought I'd make a shirt to celebrate my favorite distraction. The numbers in the puzzle are the original 6 numbers of the Solfeggio frequencies which are meditative and healing for the soul. So it's sort of esoteric too. Have fun solving the Sudoku! 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Astronomy Shirts

Astronomy and Celestial Shirts for Star Lovers

Super Blue Moon Blood Moon Eclipse 1-31-2018 Shirt

I'm pretty obsessed with stars and astronomy so I had to make some astronomy shirts. But no need to be serious about it at all so I added some humor to the mix. Especially these days with all the political outrage I want someone to Beam Me Up, don't you? Enjoy, there will be more too. I love celestial anything! Angels, stars, galaxies...

The Supermoon of the Century is Coming Soon!

Three things are happening at once, and this confluence only happens every 150 years! A Super Blue Moon, a Blood Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse.

The full Moon on January 31 is called a Blue Moon because it is the second full Moon in a calendar month. This only happens every two to three years on average, giving rise to the saying "Once in a Blue Moon."

And this particular Blue Moon will be Super close to earth, thus a Super Blue Moon. 

A lunar eclipse gives rise to a "Blood Moon" as it causes the Moon to look Red. 

So on January, we will see a Super Blue Moon Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse!

Of course, I had to make a shirt about that!!!

Ireland and Irish Humor Shirts

Ireland and Irish Humor Shirts

Irish funny drinking shirt
I came to Ireland 3 years ago and fell in love with the country, the people, and the ancient history of this island so I stayed. Worldwide the Irish are known for their love of alcoholic beverages (and the reputation is well deserved!) and their humor and their music and their fun loving nature among other things. 

They have a reputation for being loud and quick to fight too. Pretty true, but they fight in jest. Mostly they compete to be the funniest person in the room. What's not to love? I will be designing many more Irish appreciation shirts! 

St. Patrick's Day Drinking Shirts

Perfect for St. Patty's Day, or St. Paddy's Day as the Irish themselves call it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Texas Strong Shirts

Texas Strong Shirts

Texas Strong Come Hell or High  Water Shirt

My family mostly live in the Republic of Texas. We love our state! Texans are rightly proud of our heritage and accomplishments. So I will have many more Texas shirts! Texas Strong, Texas Forever, Texas Proud! 

These 2 have the same design, but the one on the right is a premium shirt, meaning it is a fine gauge fabric, softer to the touch. It also runs small so if you like a loose fit you will want to order a larger size than normal. But it does feel very nice on the skin. Texans stick together, Come hell or high water. You saw how they were after Hurricane Harvey, right? I rest my case. They come in long sleeves too, just click on the brand name at Amazon to see them! 

Here's my newest one, I really like this one. I tried to get all the major themes and icons of Texas into one word cloud, word map of Texas!

More Texas Strong Shirts!

Texas Strong Come Hell or High  Water Shirt

Texas Strong was a saying way before Hurricane Harvey. We are proud of being strong and independent! This shirt is for you if you like lighter colors on your shirt. 

 Texas Strong  T Shirt
If you want a bold statement
about Texas Strong, here is your shirt. Distressed letters on the Texas flag superimposed on the map of Texas! 

Texas Home Shirts!

 Texas Home  T Shirt
Texas is my home, no matter where I roam! If that's you, then you might as well say it loud on your shirt! 

Texas Forever Shirts!

Texas Pride Shirts!

Military Appreciation Shirts

Military Appreciation and Military Humor Shirts

My family of origin is full of Military heroes. My Father, my Mother, all my uncles, and many cousins have all served, and we have all the branches covered except the Coast Guard. Yes, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines are all represented in my family. So I have great respect for these selfless heroes who love America! But I also do love a good joke so there are more Military humor shirts on the way! 

Also, I have all the relatives covered for Red Fridays, and they will be up very soon! For those who don't know, RED Fridays stand for Remember Everyone Deployed. 

Dog Tags Military Soldier Shirts

There will be more shirts too!